Saturday, August 12, 2006

Formerly Known as Kai's Kure

Well, the name was so cute while it lasted. Being that we are going to be doing the fund raising thing for many years to come, I decided to change the name from "Kai's Kure" to "Team Saltine".

Why? Well, Kai isn't going to be a baby forever. He is also not the only cf-er out there. We raise not only money to fund research for a cure but awareness about the disease. When I picked the first name, it was at a time when were were so very new to the cf thing. What I mean is, we still are new to it to a great extent, but we learn more with each clinic visit and with each day.

This blog is for all those that walk with us each year during the annual Great Strides event. It's also for everyone that walks with us during the day to day events, the moment to moment things that really make you all a part of Team well as Kai's Kure.

I encourage anyone reading this to visit, for more information about cystic fibrosis. This disease is not a death sentence. It's a life sentence...a life that is as rewarding as we make it. It is what it is...

We know it's a life-shortening disease that just sucks the breath out of everyone it touches.

Please read more about it. Check back here I will post not only fundraising events...but also news on our Little Saltine, Kai Michael.

Love you and thank you for stopping by!


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