Thursday, September 28, 2006

Clinic Visit

Kai had a clinic visit on Tuesday 9/26. We saw Dr. Pian and all the wonderful staff at the clinic. They are always so helpful and very informative about anything that I have questions or concerns about.

Kai hadn't gained weight this month. This is a big concern since he was doing so well. We tried the half whole milk and half half & half. We have been doing everything we can, but still no weight gain.

It would be easier if the little guy would eat food. He doesn't want to eat regular food. He gags and has what I believe is an oral aversion. He's never been one to put things in his mouth. So, it has never concerned me about the food until now. Calories are easier to get in if he's eating food.

We already put oil and butter in his food.

We have an appt with OT next week. It will be first of a few I believe since we will be working on getting this little guy to eat food. I know once we get him to do that he will be well on his way.

This clinic visit, I did't write any stats down. I was so focused on the weight that I didn't get what his length was. His wt. was 11.245 kg. His length???? I don't know.

Say a prayer for Kai. He needs to be getting chunky like mom.

We did get a new mask for his neb treatments. It's the bubbles mask. It looks like a little fish. It's cute. I asked about the length of time for the TOBI treatments. I told the RT that it takes up to 27 minutes to do. He said it's ok and it's supposed to. Any longer than 30 though just stop. I am not complaining by any means...I actually enjoy that time with Kai. We sit watching Sesame Street or Jack's Big Music Show. He sees me with the neb cup and mask and he just climbs in my lap. It's pretty cool.

We are off TOBI for the month. We start again in 3 weeks.

I will post again when I have more information and I will let you know how the OT appt goes.


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