Sunday, April 22, 2007

Our Reason For Walking

IMG_2283, originally uploaded by Michellene.

Team Saltine is off to a great start this year. My mailers are already off in the mail and I hope to have some money trickling in over the next couple of weeks. Perhaps even more walkers will sign up too!

I have a huge following from work that loves to hear about Kai and have been supportive too.

Well dear readers...this here is a photo of the reason for Team Saltine. This is THE SALTINE...Kai.

Why Saltine? Well his Daddy Jerome came up with that nickname because when you kiss Kai on the cheek or forehead, he is very salty. I don't mean that normal salty sweat you can taste even on your own skin...but without a doubt SALT. It's almost like you shook out salt onto a spoon and licked it.

So here he is. I took this photo today while we were goofing off outside.

Gotta love this saltine. He's the best!

Thank you for all the love and support and lets meet and beat our goal!


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