Thursday, April 01, 2010

23.9 kilograms = 52.6904807 pounds

Well, Kai's cf appointment went good, then it went bad.....sort of.

Good news: Kai's lungs are clear and the remain clear! YAY!
Good news: last visit in August Kai was in the 5Th percentile for weight...he is now....DRUM ROLL the 95Th!! (I have been working my butt off to give him a butt!) All this on liquid nutritional supplements!

Bad news: Kai's pulmonary function test (pft) according to the Dr's is not good. It isn't where they want it to be. (Kai is unable to perform the test adequately or accurately so I personally think this may be incorrect.)

They want to start him on Pulmozyme. The pft is low enough to indicate there may be an obstruction so they want to use this special treatment to break up mucus in his lungs and have him cough it out.

Now that we have this huge gain in weight...they want to push regular food on him. got it...Kai still doesn't eat regular foods like the rest of the family. So if we can get him to eat and use this weight cushion to get him to eat then we will be doing well all the way around. They think his not eating is behavioral. So they want him and me to see a behavioral specialist. Hmm... is no wonder I cannot pick this kid up anymore to put him in his own bed at night!!

Thank you God for continued health and for the advances in medicine today. I don't think Kai has the obstructive mucus in his lungs the Dr. thinks he does...but hey...I am just the mom right? Righhhhhhht. I am going to chat more with Dr's regarding this and see what the consensus is.

Thanks for reading and keep praying for Kai.

The walk is on May 2! Moonlight Beach.


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